Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Internship

Oh dear, I afraid I'm already falling behind in blogging. I knew there was I reason I quit the last one...

But in other news, I interviewed for and got an internship today! Where at, you ask? I will be interning at The Watson Research Library at the Metropolitan Museum of Art! God, I love NY.

I did not realize that the Met has 20 libraries within its walls. Most of them are small collections within a curatorial department, but some of them are bigger like the Nolan Library which has educational materials for the public, particularly teachers. The libraries recently went under a "realignment" project which now puts the Watson at the hub of all 20 libraries. My internship will allow me to work with many of these libraries doing a variety of tasks including: paging materials, working on a mass inventory project (which details working with over 70,000 materials, just a mere 10% of the Watson's collection), doing some reference work in the Nolan and Watson, along with some other tasks. I will be interning there 10 hours a week, probably the mornings of the days I have classes.

I am super stoked!

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  1. So exciting! I can't wait for you to start. Next time I'm in NYC hopefully you'll be able to give me a tour.