Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Semester

I haven't blogged in over a apologies! My computer crashed over the break and its still not working :(. I'm sending it to the service center next week, so hopefully it will be up and running again shortly.

I had my first week of classes this week and they were great. This semester I'm taking Knowledge Organization (Cataloging), Tech, and Online Database Searching...its a very technology-based semester! I have a term project for each class including cataloging a personal collection of my own, building a website, and researching a real information need for someone I know.

I also started volunteering with NYCares, an organization which staffs different organizations (everyone from soup kitchens to the NYC Marathon) with volunteers. They currently have 48,000 registered volunteers. The project I am doing is called Culinary Explorers, which is teaching underpriviliged kids 8-12 how to cook. Last week we made southern-influenced food including Un-Fried Chicken, Chipolte Mashed Sweet Potatoes, and Cornbread.

I also had my first day of work yesterday! I am working as a graduate assistant in the Pratt Institute Admissions Office. Yesterday I spent the whole day alphabetizing incoming materials (including transcripts, portfolio evaluations, letters of recommendation, SAT & TOEFL scores, and more). I'll be working Mondays and Fridays that the Pratt Brooklyn campus.

It was a very busy first week to say the least!