Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Internship

Oh dear, I afraid I'm already falling behind in blogging. I knew there was I reason I quit the last one...

But in other news, I interviewed for and got an internship today! Where at, you ask? I will be interning at The Watson Research Library at the Metropolitan Museum of Art! God, I love NY.

I did not realize that the Met has 20 libraries within its walls. Most of them are small collections within a curatorial department, but some of them are bigger like the Nolan Library which has educational materials for the public, particularly teachers. The libraries recently went under a "realignment" project which now puts the Watson at the hub of all 20 libraries. My internship will allow me to work with many of these libraries doing a variety of tasks including: paging materials, working on a mass inventory project (which details working with over 70,000 materials, just a mere 10% of the Watson's collection), doing some reference work in the Nolan and Watson, along with some other tasks. I will be interning there 10 hours a week, probably the mornings of the days I have classes.

I am super stoked!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Reason 2095 Why I love New York: New York Loves Halloween!

Every year the Village Voice sponsors a Halloween Parade that runs through West Village. Thousands of people are in this parade and even more show up to watch. It was absolute madness and it took me 30 minutes to walk from 10th Street to 14th due to the crazy amount of people on the sidewalk. But it was worth it to see this 100+ person tribute to Michael Jackson + Thriller. The sound is terrible, but if you look you will see one Michael Jackson up at the front in his classic red leather jacket "Thriller" look followed by a huge mass of zombies.

*Edit* The video was disabled so here is another one shot from directly in front of the group. It's even better because you can see Micheal's date in her sweet 80s threads, screaming her head off.