Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jeanette's Visit Part II

On Saturday, I took Jeanette to one of my favorite spots in New York, Coney Island! It was closed for the season, but The Rumblers Car Club was having its end-of-season car show with bands from the region playing at Freak Bar.

In between bands, some of the freaks did their acts. This skinny girl was on a bed of nails with a 220 pound volunteer from the audience standing on her.

We saw a bunch of really good bands, including The Brains from Canada:

Sunday morning we took it easy. Meaning we slept right through it. We went down to Little Italy for lunch/dinner and then hit Canal Street for some knock-offs. We finished the night at Public Assembly in Williamsburg seeing the Goddamn Gallows and then Jeanette left to head back to LGA. Fun weekend!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jeanette's Visit Part I

This past weekend my friend Jeanette from SLC came out to visit me and see New York. It was her second time here, the first being when she was 16 and came for a 3 day visit with her high school. I decided to give her a real taste of New York.

Thursday we lunched at Soy & Sake, a delicious vegan restaurant in Greenwich Village. We then stood in line at the Times Square TKTS booth hoping for some decent discount tickets to a Broadway show. Can't say that we were too disappointed with what we got:

Before the show I took her to the world famous Carnegie Deli where we split a grilled cheese, potato knish, and two black & white cookies.

The next day we went to MOMA. Modern art is really not my thing, but I enjoyed some of the interior design pieces.

We finished the night off at my favorite NYC bar, Otto's Tiki Lounge where we indulged in the monsterous Lava Blast. What's in it? Pretty much everything but the kitchen sink.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mi Casa

With all my stuff unpacked and a place for everything, my new apartment is really starting to feel like home. I got my room all set up a few weeks ago and thought I'd snap some pictures. This room would not be possible without extensive help from Jo and Joe, so I'm very grateful to them. It was also made possible with donations from Carolyn, Melissa, and Elvira....Thanks guys! You are the best.

I also went to one of my favorite spots in New York a few weeks ago....Coney Island! They were having a tattoo and motorcycle expo outside of Freakshow Bar.

Art Opening

Last night I went to my first NYC art opening. It was called Tres Belles, and featured the work of Elisa Velazquez and two other artists. I met Elisa a few weeks ago at Beauty Bar. She is an art teacher, artist, and DJ. Her main mediums are painting and crochet-sculpture, which is what she featured at this show. The show was small, but her pieces really stood out! Two of her pieces are on the flyer below, the eye in the bottom left corner and then hand over the lips in the top right.

Afterwards I headed to Otto's Shrunken Head, my favorite rock n' roll tiki bar, for Elisa's bar night.